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70 Carriage Ct Ln
Lynchburg , VA 24504

We offer over 100 tests from single tests to advanced compressive panels you can order from the comfort of your home. 

Phone: (845) 853-0676
Fax: (845) 232-2207

Bruen Medical Partners offers diagnostic lab collections that fit your lifestyle. Our experienced and highly-trained collection technicians (phlebotomists) come to your home or office to collect your specimen and then deliver it under controlled conditions to our nearest state-of-the-art laboratory. We have multiple laboratories for fast and accurate diagnostic testing anywhere in the United States. Next, your specimen is carefully examined by board-certified pathologists who then enter their findings into a secure web-based reporting portal. You and your doctor can access these results online 24/7, and they are typically available within 48 hours.

Using Bruen Medical Partners Mobile Platform Dispatch System:

Our Platform enables Bruen Medical Partners to dispatch, monitor, and track all of your service requests in one place, in real time. Click on the logo below to become a provider for Bruen Medical Partners.

Provider Services

Corporate Office
The Goverment Center-3rd Floor

Village of Ellenville 

2 Elting Court

Ellenville, NY 12428

Phone# 845-853-0676
Fax# 845.232.2207



We offer over 100 tests from single tests to advanced compressive panels you can order from the comfort of your home. 

Phone: (845) 853-0676
Fax: (845) 232-2207

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West South Central Offices:

1725 Babcock Rd. MEDICAL CENTER 78229.

1216 Hoefgen St. DOWNTOWN 78210.

Phone: (845) 853-0676
Fax: (845) 232-2207

1 DDC Way
Fairfield, OH 45014

Fax: 1-801-462-1403
Int'l: +1801-462-1401

Premier Medical Laboratory (PML)
New Jersey Location:
35-37 Progress St., Edison, NJ 08820 Suite B6.
Toll Free (888) 231 - 6821
Phone: (908) 754 - 4300
Fax: (908) 754 - 4301


Rochelle Wilson

5100 Westheimer Ste. 200 Houston, TX 77056


Cell Number: 832-880-4063
Fax: 281-619-8291

32 W. Washington St. Petersburg,
Va 23803

We offer over 100 tests from single tests to advanced compressive panels you can order from the comfort of your home. 

Phone: (845) 853-0676
Fax: (845) 232-2207

​Corporate Headquarters

600 Saginaw Drive 
Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone:  650.475.2788
Fax: 650.475.2799

Lakeland, FL and Florida Region

Office is located at

5304 400- 6 G-H, Florida Ave , Lakeland , Fl. 33813. 

​(845) 232-2207

Changing Lives through Faith, Wellness and Training!

Midwestern and Great Lakes regions 

Office is located at

13233 Icot Blvd., Suite 123, Fort Wayne, IN 46806

​(845) 232-2207

Provider Registration

Bruen Medical Partners
Phone Toll-Free # (845) 853-0676

Test Request Requisition Forms please fax to:
Fax# 845-232-2207

Corporate Office
The Government Center

3rd Floor
The Village of Ellenville ~

2 Elting Court Ellenville, New York 12428

Medical Credentialing Fax
Fax: (845) 232-2207

Email: info@bruenmedicalpartners.com

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Bruen Medical Partners

Allied Health Recruitment & Credentialing Helpdesk:


Kyle Allen- National Allied Health Recruitment & Credentialing Coordinator

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in reviewing your Phlebotomy supply needs and selecting the best possible products – right for your organization. Please call our office at (845) 853-0676 so that we can discuss how your organization can join the Bruen Medical Partners family.

We are now Poised for Growth! Phlebotomists needed all over the US.

Bruen Medical Partners is actively seeking phlebotomists for contract jobs all over the US. Bruen Medical Partners helps to staff and contract many phlebotomist positions with employers all over the country and the surrounding areas where you reside. Employers such as hospitals, doctor's offices, medical clinics, health care facilities, urgent care centers, outpatient labs, blood banks, blood donation centers, plasma collection centers, and even insurance companies need phlebotomists.

Bruen Medical Partners Services helps you, the phlebotomist, find the right employer, salary and working hours commensurate with your experience and certifications. You don't have to take the first phlebotomist job that becomes available: Take your time; let us help you do your job search to help match you with the right phlebotomist job with an employer with which you will enjoy working with. Whether you are fresh out of phlebotomy school or have lots of experience but are looking to make a fresh start, Bruen Medical Partners can help guide you in the right direction.

Start your phlebotomist job search by asking yourself and answering a few questions:

What hours do I want to work?

What type of environment will enhance my experience as well as my resume?

What kind of benefits do I need (health insurance, life insurance, paid vacations, etc)?

What should I expect my wages to be?

Armed with the answers to these questions, and perhaps a few that occurred to you, you're ready to begin your phlebotomist job search. Remember, our agency in New York also staffs and contracts positions all over the United States of America and and your surrounding areas.

Corporate Business Centers

We support our clients through our regional call and operational centers. You can setup appointments with any of our affiliate offices by calling 845-853-0676 or fax : 845-232-2207 or email us at: info@bruenmedicalpartners.com

​​NOTE: Bruen Medical Partners llc. records telephone calls. By having a telephone call with Bruen Medical Partners, all callers consent to recording of the call.

Changing Lives through Faith, Wellness and Training!

We are now Poised for Growth!!!....Phlebotomists needed All Over the US.

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Clinical and Laboratory Supplies Are Here!!!

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Blood & Specimen Collection & Transport Products Diagnostic Slides, Tubes, Reagents etc. Wound Care, Disposables and Consumables

North East Regional Office:

3167 Hemlock Farms Rd, Hawley, PA 18428
Phone: 201.625.3295

Fax: 845-647-4030