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Lab work that comes to you!

Lab work that comes to you!

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Bruen Medical Partners​

The Pedagogy Campus Model

Pedagogy is more than just an online classroom, it is an online education experience! Pedagogy has created industry focused web sites creating our virtual Campuses. Each Campus provides incredible resources for continuing education for nurses, social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn), career placement assistance and tools to stay current in today's challenging workforce.

Each Campus is focused on particular topics; Infusion, Acute Care, Long Term Care, and Home Health Care, and In-service and Compliance Education.  Each Campus provides accredited online continuing education courses, health care resources, career services and job postings, and a student union area that combines all social media platforms, news, and blogs. Visit the Student Union to see all that it offers. 

Each Campus maintains high-quality education standards, world-class authors, bundled education courses and membership plans. Not sure which campus is for you? No problem, pick one to be your home Campus and have access to the entire Pedagogy Campus network!

Campus Listing Pedagogy has created industry-focused education campus websites to better organize online education and information. There are multiple new features such as career services, social media links, newsletters, campus blogs, and resources. Our NEW Membership plans provide complete course catalog access. Please explore all of the exciting new changes.

The Pedagogy Campus

Step 1: Registration
The New User Registration form will help you set up a user name and password. Please enter a valid email address as this will be your user name moving forward, and password reset emails and invoices will be sent to this address.

Note: If you created your own account - your user name will be the email address you registered with if you’re still having trouble contact so we can assist you with finding your username.

If you were brought to Pedagogy by your Facility - you already have a User name and Password created and should have been provided sign-in instructions. Please check with your Facility to obtain your Sign In information. Do not create a new user account using the sign-in box that looks like the one below.

Fill in each field on the registration form. Passwords must have a minimum of 6 characters (letters or numbers) and the password strength bar will show you how strong your password is.

The yellow Subscribe box at the bottom will open a new page to bring you to our newsletter sign up page if you would like to receive news updates and discount codes from us via email.

If you are an existing user or have an account from your facility, use the sign inbox.

Step 2: Choose Your Classes
If your facility has purchased and assigned classes to you, click on the Go to Class link at the top of the screen to be brought to your Dashboard and start your classes.

To look through our course catalog and choose your course click on Class Catalog at the top of the screen of any page on your campus, or click on Step 2 from the home page of your favorite campus.

Step 3: Complete Your Purchase
Once you have added the courses, course packages, or memberships to your shopping cart follow the steps of the Shopping Cart to complete your purchase and pay for your classes.

Our secure checkout will not store your information.

Step 4: Take Your Class
Once you have purchased your course a receipt will be emailed to the email address you have on file for your account along with the direct link to the class portal.

Be sure to take the course, How to Take Your Online Course, it will automatically be added to your pending classes list. It will walk you through how to take a class, how to take your tests, and how to print your certificates. 

Have any questions? 
If that doesn't answer your questions contact us at we're happy to help answer any questions you may have.