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Lab work that comes to you!

Lab work that comes to you!

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Bruen Medical Partners​

Autologous Serum Tears for Dry Eye Therapy

$175 *Collection Fee

Bruen Medical Partners offers the addition of mobile phlebotomy services with providing Autologous Serum tears for dry eye therapy provider collections. By offering mobile phlebotomy services, patients can now have their blood drawn in the convenience of their own home or office. The addition of a mobile blood draw option also opens access to providers as an option to physicians and their patients, nationwide.

“Our goal is to provide a game-changing hassle-free and convenient experience from start to finish,” Elizabeth Bruen, President & CEO - Director of Allied Health and Training Services at BMP, “We want to remove barriers that have traditionally existed to easy access to serum tears.”

Autologous serum tears have long been studied and used by eye care professionals as an option for patients with ocular surface disease symptoms and dry eye. However, the cost and logistics of processing the tears made from a patient’s blood serum proved cumbersome for many.

Bruen Medical Partners works with a number of providers that have developed a unique system of production, delivery, and billing, increasing access to customized therapy. Today, Bruen Medical Partners continues to provide flexibility and convenience for patients and physicians throughout the ordering process, right down to the choice in the location of blood draw services.

OnDoc offers services that give you the freedom to choose what works for you and your household family members–all for just $30 a month.

Our Services

Bruen Medical Partners Hospice Care Program!

Compassionate Care and Comfort for You and Your Loved Ones.

We provide:

In-house professional training for staff * Comprehensive training orientation * In-service monthly session to phlebotomist * Advance training skills to phlebotomists * Certification training to our staff and the community.

In-Home Fees:

  • Draws: Start at $185+
  • Courier service: Start at $65+
  • Stats Draws:  Start at $265+
  • Specimen pick-ups: start at $75 after 25 miles (IRS) price will be charged
  • Non-Life & Life Insurance Examinations: Starting price $165+
  • Offsite Drug Collection Fee: Start at $190 +
  • DOT Physicals: Start at $195 +
  • Events: Starting at $135 per hour per technician
  • (not including PPE's and removal of biohazard wastes and trash.

A specimen collection fee will be added for each test ordered by clicking on Book Appointment.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living :

  •  Draws: $65 0r Co-pay
  •  Courier service: $75+
  •  Stats Draws $80+
  •  Specimen pick-ups: $75 after 25 miles (IRS) price per mile will be charged

Contract terms start at $65 flat-rate per hour prices are subjected to changes. Medicare will pay 80% for homebound and nursing home services  client will be responsible for co-pay; however, private insurance will be billed minus the mileage. A receipt will be given so you can request reimbursement (if applicable).

Who we serve:

 Homebound clients

 Nursing home facilities

 Assisting living facilities

 Physician’s offices

 Health Departments





Health Screenings & Testing Prices:

  • Blood pressure screening & counseling ages 18+    $59.00-$100.00+
  • Cholesterol screening & counseling ages 18+    $99.00-$100.00+
  • Diabetes screening & counseling ages 18+    $99.00-$100.00+
  • Health screening ages 18+    $99.00-$120.00+
  • Health screening with health risk assessment ages 18-65+  $99.00+
  • PPD/Tuberculosis testing    $115.00+

* - Prices may vary depending on the test and number of tests.

  • A specimen collection fee will be added for each test ordered by clicking on Book Appointment.

Contact Bruen Medical Partners about:  HEALTH & WELLNESS

NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute
HIV Education & Training Programs

Healthcare on your terms.

 Creating a Sustainable Refugee Health Care System

Bruen Medical Partners serving Northeast New York provides health screenings and medical treatment for refugees upon their arrival to the United States. Our goal with this program is two-fold. The first is the protection of each refugee's health through the earliest possible identification of communicable disease endemic to where the refugees have lived. This is in combination with facilitating the most timely access to the healthcare system for further evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. The second part is the primary prevention against vaccine-preventable diseases through the administration of appropriate adult immunizations.

Responsiveness and Innovation: Signs and symptoms of communicable disease and facilitating formal referral into the larger, resource-rich healthcare system for each refugee.

We Serve Clients in * Albany *Greene *Rensselaer *Columbia *Ulster *Dutchess *Orange *Putnam *Rockland * Westchester and Sullivan counties, The Bruen Medical Partners health assessment program can see refugees within 30 days of arrival in the U.S. to ensure medical attention and care.

Licensed medical personnel provides health assessments and medical screenings such as exams, review of medical history, and vision, hearing and dental screenings. Clients also receive age-appropriate immunizations and laboratory exam services to check for health concerns such as diabetes, anemia, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis (TB).

Bruen Medical Partners LLC. is honored to provide health care and exams to refugees arriving in any of the above-mentioned counties,” said Elizabeth Bruen, Bruen Medical Partners LLC. President and CEO. “The number of refugees arriving in New York  continues to increase, and we are proud to help ensure a healthy start to their new lives in America.”

Bruen Medical Partners offers diagnostic lab collections that fit your lifestyle. Our experienced and highly-trained collection technicians (phlebotomists) come to your home or office to collect your specimen and then deliver it under controlled conditions to our nearest state of the art laboratory. We have multiple laboratories for fast and accurate diagnostic testing anywhere in the United States. Next, your specimen is carefully examined by board-certified pathologists who then enter their findings into a secure web-based reporting portal. You and your doctor can access these results online 24/7, and they are typically available within 48-hours.

Requesting specimen collection services from Bruen Medical Partners Mobile Platform Dispatch System is easy:

The Workpath platform enables Bruen Medical Partners to dispatch, monitor, and track all of your service requests in one place, in real-time.

1. Copy the Service Request Link below and past it into your browser.

2. Fill out the brief form to submit work opportunities to us directly.

3. Newly submitted appointment requests show on our Service Requests page.

4. Our team clicks on new requests to see what was ordered, then we transfer it to our dashboard and dispatch a Mobile collection specialist.

An Experienced Team of Professionals Provides Specialized Care.

Our hospice care professionals are dedicated to helping our patients and their families enjoy the time they have together. With a primary focus on the quality of life, our clinical and psychosocial team members deliver care with compassion, excellence, and reliability—every day for every patient.

Under the direction of a physician and ongoing supervision of a registered nurse (RN) clinical manager, our caring team of professionals is:

Guided by our core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability
Passionate about helping others
Trained in hospice-specific care
Supportive members of your community
Screened thoroughly, including background checks and work history verification
Prepared to support you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Each member of your hospice team has expertise and experience in their specific field.

Physician leadership:

Bruen Medical Partners' medical directors are an integral part of the interdisciplinary care team. They oversee the medical services of our hospice program and provide expertise to the Bruen Medical Partners team to ensure the highest quality hospice care possible. They also collaborate with primary care physicians to help our patients remain comfortable at the end-of-life, and act as expert resources to the local medical community.

Clinical managers:

Clinical managers are registered nurses who supervise the care team and provide oversight of your individualized care plan. They orient, train, and mentor the field staff to deliver excellent clinical and social care services and ensure if your needs change, the care does, too.


Nurses provide clinical care including the administration of medication, wound care, treatments, procedures, and more according to the plan of care. They monitor your symptoms and health status and report any changes to the clinical manager who can make adjustments to your care plan.

Home health aides and certified nursing assistants:

Home health aides and certified nursing assistants provide assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. They can also help with other activities of daily living including meal preparation and light housekeeping.

Social workers:

Social workers help both the patient and family address emotions and conflicts that arise at the end of life. They coordinate services you may be eligible for through community resources and organizations and assist with advance care planning and advance directives.

Spiritual care counselors:

Spiritual care counselors are available for all patients and their families to provide spiritual support. They help you explore your beliefs and expectations while assisting you in processing your thoughts and feelings to find hope, meaning, and purpose. They also assist with funeral planning and connecting you to supportive resources in the community.


Hospice volunteers may visit with patients to provide companionship and help with everyday tasks or help out in the hospice office. They can also provide a benefit to the family caregivers, offering relief so caregivers can run errands, spend time with their children, or even take a much-needed nap.

Specialty volunteers:

Bruen Medical Partners works with local practitioners to coordinate visits from volunteers who are experienced in various complementary therapies. Depending on your area, volunteers may be available to provide pain and symptom relief through complementary therapies such as massage therapy, reiki, music therapy, pet therapy, and aromatherapy.

Bereavement coordinators:

A vital part of the hospice team, bereavement coordinators maintain contact with a family after they have had a loss to offer counseling or coordinate services if needed.

Social support managers:

Social support managers oversee the non-clinical members of the hospice team including social workers, spiritual care counselors, volunteers, and bereavement coordinators. They are available to speak with you should you have questions or needs in any of these areas.