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Lab work that comes to you!

Lab work that comes to you!

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Bruen Medical Partners​

I am writing to give Bruen Medical Partners my highest recommendation. Elizabeth and her team possess all the attributes necessary to be an excellent company: they know their jobs extremely well; they are diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with their clients.

Thanks for the excellent service, 

Client--Mrs. Mandy Flag.

Dear Bruen Medical Partners,
We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us with keeping our workplace drug free. Your company is a credit to the neighborhood, and the community!

Client--Ms. Renee Lyles --Thirdfloor Technologies.

This letter is to recommend Elizabeth Bruen  and her team at Bruen Medical Partners as Instructor's in the field of Phlebotomy. She and her team have a tremendous "grasp" of the subject matter and posseses that intuitive feeling as to what a is really important in the field of Applied Science's  and how well you will succeed..Bruen Medical Partners knowledge of new technics in the field of Phlebotomy is almost unparalleled.​​ Ms Amy Dumas-----OU Medical Center.

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  • IV Starts/TherapY
  • DNA Testing
  • Clinical Trials
  • Mobile EKGs

We except most public and private insurance plans. We also offer special pricing for cash-paying patients for most procedures.

  • Pre-NursingHomeAdmissionScreens
  • Pre-employment Drug Screens
  • (Urine, Hair, Rapid Hair, & Nails)
  • Corporate Wellness Screens​
  • Paramedical (Insurance)Exams

We Rise Together


Bruen Medical Partners Diagnostic Lab Work That Comes to You 

We Rise Together Training Program!!!

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Motivated by a desire for reform and equipped with a new title (not specified in the provided text), Elizabeth embarked on a quest to improve the phlebotomy field. Recognizing a deficiency in leadership and accountability, she penned an impactful article highlighting these issues. The article resonated deeply with the community, igniting a shared desire for change among numerous supporters. This collective momentum empowered Elizabeth to establish Bruen Medical Partners.

However, the journey didn't end there. Implementing a national certification exam alongside comprehensive training programs laid the groundwork for ensuring a qualified and knowledgeable phlebotomy workforce. Elizabeth's dedication to enhancing the profession's credibility transcends boundaries, reflecting an inherent passion to elevate the standards of healthcare across the board. Confident in the company's potential, she anticipates continued growth and a leading role in setting the benchmark for quality in healthcare.

       HIV, STI, and Hepatitis C Testing

Bruen Medical Partners offers confidential, HIV testing, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, and hepatitis C testing if you meet our prerequisites and live in the Hudson Valley. Generally, we provide these tests to high-risk individuals. Please call (845) 853-0676 for a risk assessment and to make an appointment for free trials. 


Bruen Medical Partners Diagnostic Lab Work That Comes to You

We Rise Together

Changing Lives through Faith, Wellness and Training!

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Bruen Medical Partners Thanks You for your Service!!!

Bruen Medical Partners IV Prep Course program is designed for Medical Assistants and Unlicensed Assistive Personnel!

The growth of the use of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) is a trend in our society.  Unlicensed individuals are now performing procedures that have traditionally required a license.  Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) refers to those healthcare workers who are trained to function in a supportive role by providing patient care activities as delegated by an RN or physician, but are not licensed to perform nursing tasks; it also refers to those healthcare workers who may be trained and certified, but are not licensed.  Examples of unlicensed assistive personnel include (but are not limited to) certified medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, patient care technicians, phlebotomists, dialysis technicians, anesthesia technicians/technologists, and emergency medical technicians.

This 7-hour IV Therapy Certificate Program (often referred to as “IV Certification”) was specifically designed to provide Medical Assistants and other Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) with IV therapy instruction proven to achieve quality IV practice, improve patient/client outcomes and prevent liability risks.

Video conference catheter insertion demonstration, a printable workbook and supplemental reading (that provides an additional 2.5-hours of course material), and a post-test following each chapter.

We typically have same-day appointment availability for drug screenings.

Call +1.845-853-0676 for scheduling.

  • Mobile Blood Draws:
  • Routine,Weekly, or Monthly
  • Finger Printing
  • Medication Management & Counseling
  • DOT/NON DOT Physicals
  • Pre-employment Physicals
  • Per-Op/Post-Op Screen

            Lab work that comes to you!

“I am about solving problems, not merely criticizing them, I take action. I saw a need and I believe God guided me to establish Bruen Medical Partners.” -Elizabeth Bruen 

We are a staff of Medical Professionals that base our success on our patients' long-term good health.  ​We believe in personalized care based on your health concerns. Read More