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Who We Are

Training Teens for Jobs is a healthcare corporation based in Upstate, New York and ran by Elizabeth Bruen. Elizabeth started the company because he saw a need in the community to teach adults and teens how to prepare and succeed in today's job market. She herself has been a manager for several large major companies and a mentor for teens and youth.  During her experience as a business owner and laboratory manager, she realized just how unprepared young job candidates were.  From this experience, she developed programming that highlights the skills and confidence employers today seek to find job candidates.

Why We Are Different

Training Teens For Jobs takes the unique perspective of teaching from the employer's point of view.  We are built on the idea that life is not a pass or fail the test. Students today are having a large emphasis put on passing tests, which we feel is an unrealistic way to prepare them for life and work.  Our programs value and reward hard work, participation, effort and improvement.  Elizabeth has been in the position of hiring young adults job candidates for several years and has a deep understanding of what the employer is looking to hear and see from the ideal job candidate in any industry. 

How Our Courses Work

Training Teens For Jobs is intended to be most effective when all five workshop courses are offered and completed in succession.  We do offer individual courses on certain topics, but the job training program as a whole is a 5-course program that can be spread out over a week or several weeks; whatever your timeline allows.

The ideal class size for each workshop course is no more than 25 students. Each of our courses is roughly 60 minutes in length and includes lectures, discussions, workshops and hands-on projects.



Who Offers Our Courses

Training Teens for Jobs programming is not just for teens. We work with several area industries and organizations such as:

Women's Groups
Church Groups
Non-Profit Organizations
Career Centers
Community Centers
County and CIty Programming Departments
Schools and Universities

Upcoming Courses & Pricing

Contact us for information on hosting or attending a workshop or training session.  Our prices are affordable and we offer steep discounts for organizations or venues looking to host all five courses.

Aside from the opportunities we provide to our students, our community partners are what make Training Teens for Jobs successful. Our partners range from non-profit organizations to large corporations.  We proudly provide programming in Upstate, New York.

Providing Programs

Many of our partners choose Training Teens for Jobs to provide essential job training skills and presentations to their members, employees or students. These partners often have such success in our job training programs, they schedule multiple sessions throughout the year.  We are happy to work with organizations on developing a schedule and pricing structure to provide our programming to their audiences.  Contact us to learn more. 

Providing Job Opportunities

We are currently developing a partner group of New York businesses that provide job opportunities to our graduates! These partners will be provided invitations to our job fairs and opportunities to have the first chance at hiring or graduates.  Just as in life, our program is not just to pass or fail. Our students will have to earn the right to attend our job fairs.  This ensures that our job-providing partners are getting some of the best candidates available.

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Young Adults and Teen Job Skills Training Course for continuing education certification programs.

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We strive to provide job training, assistance and opportunities to teens and young adults regardless of age, gender, income or education level in order to help prepare them for success in the workforce. 

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U.S. Preventive Medicine

Healthcare on your terms!

When it comes to healthcare, it’s time for a change. You deserve affordable, convenient, and simple solutions that empower you to be the champion of your own health.

As a part of your health exam, the paramed will measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure, and collect blood and urine samples. Afterwards, the paramed will confirm the answers you provided on the health questionnaire you filled out as part of the life insurance application.

The paramed will measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure, and collect blood and urine samples.

Some insurance companies require an EKG to test your heart, especially if you are 50 or older. Most insurance companies will also conduct a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test on male applicants over 50.

Finally, if you are a smoker or tobacco user, be honest and admit it because companies test for cotinine in your system, a chemical that will indicate you consume tobacco. Medical exams even test for drug abuse, such as marijuana and cocaine.


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We are excited to offer a Paramedical Examining Class. This class is available to all individuals who have successfully completed Phlebotomy training and are up-to-date on their certification. The class is 10 hours in length, and can be completed in either two days or two weeks, depending on the option chosen!! Upon completion, students will be skilled in all techniques necessary to enter into the Paramedical Examining field.

Our Mission is to provide excellent, affordable, accessible healthcare education and to promote quality healthcare services in our community. Bruen Medical Partners can provide students with affordable, accessible, quality education in paramedical insurance examiner careers. We strive to respond to the changing needs of students, health care providers, and health care consumers in the community at large through collaboration with health care and business communities. The online campus provides an environment that is conductive to learning by recognizing and responding to the diverse learning styles, cultures, and resources of its student.

Our organization tries to give health care professionals more of a sense of professionalism, which helps them feel more confident in their duties and that feeling reflects back on the lab.  Society stresses that professionalism begins with the certification process. Students who apply to take the certification exam, offered in both English and Spanish, are able to take a full online course that helps them prepare for the examination.  To ensure that certification participants receive the latest information and training techniques, the exam and online course are edited and updated each year by various instructors throughout the country.


Online Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program  / Online Medical Assistant Certification Program / Online Medical Assistant Certification Program / In-Class  Patient Care Tech Certification Program