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DOT Specimen Collector Instructor Training

Our DOT Specimen Collector Instructor Training, certifies you as a Professional Specimen Collector and gives you the information, tools and resources to successfully train your staff…saving you valuable time and money.

BMP offers classroom and onsite Specimen Collector Instructor Training.

Training Success Guarantee

Not all Screening Test Technician Training is the same. You can opt for cheaper training, but in the end you will get what you pay for, which is why we offer the industry’s only Training Success Guarantee.

If you encounter a Fatal Flaw, causing an alcohol test to become cancelled, we will conduct your Error Correction training free of charge. That’s our guarantee…that your training will equip you for success. Our Training Success Guarantee is available to all students who hold an active training certificate issued by Bruen Medical Partners llc..

What You Can Expect

Our Specimen Collector Training fully certifies students as a Professional Specimen Collector.

With our DOT Specimen Collector Training you will…

  • Demonstrate a comprehension coverage of DOT rules & regulations CFR, Part 40
  • Conduct 5 mock specimen collections covering common & uncommon testing scenarios
  • Receive resources and documents to advance your knowledge
  • Maintain supportive communication with our instructors
  • Achieve Specimen Collector Certification and perform collections with greater confidence and ease

DOT Specimen Collector Instructor Training

Our DOT Specimen Collector Instructor training course will certify you to perform specimen collections, as well as train and teach your employees as professional specimen collectors.

As part of the DOT mandate, you will be required to demonstrate proficiency in DOT rules and regulations (49 CFR Part 40) and complete the five specific mock collections required of all collectors.

As a Specimen Collector Instructor, you will receive an Instructor manual with instructor resources, detailed checklists and instructions for observing the mock collections for use in your own training.

Screening Test Technician Training

Our Screening Test Technician course is fully compliant with DOT regulations. Other STT courses charge you one fee for Regulations training and a second fee for Alcohol Screening Device (ASD) training.  Our training is one low price and includes Regulations and ASD training.

BMP offers on-site Screening Test Technician Training.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Requirements

  • There are specific DOT drug and alcohol training requirements necessary to become a professional drug or alcohol testing professional.
  • You must demonstrate proficiency in the DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations as found in 49 CFR Part 40 Regulations.
  • If you are training to become a breath alcohol technician, you must specifically train on the DOT approved breath alcohol instrument you are using to conduct tests, and demonstrate proficiency in the use of that instrument.
  • You must be able to successfully perform a series of error-free mock tests. Mock tests simulate a real test, covering various testing scenarios, proper documentation, and instructions to the test subject.
  • You must complete refresher training every five years.
  • If a test becomes cancelled due to a fatal flaw, you must undergo Error Correction training.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Training

Bruen Medical Partners llc. DOT drug and alcohol training programs are 100% DOT compliant and are taught by instructors with more than 30-years training and clinical experience.

See our list of available courses below.

What You Can Expect

Our Breath Alcohol Technician Training certifies students as a BAT, as well as a Factory Authorized Calibration Technician, giving you a complete, certified training solution.

With our Breath Alcohol Technician Training (BAT) you will…

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive coverage of DOT rules & regulations 49 CFR, Part 40
  2. Experience thorough and practical training on the DOT instrument of your choice
  3. Perform 7 mock alcohol breath tests that cover common & uncommon testing scenarios
  4. Learn how to perform and document accuracy checks & calibration adjustments
  5. Receive resources and documents to advance your knowledge
  6. Maintain supportive communication with our instructors

DOT Screening Test Technician Training Requirements

There are specific DOT training requirements necessary to become a professional Screening Test Technician.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in 49 CFR Part 40 Regulations
  • Specifically train and demonstrate proficiency on the Alcohol Screening Device you are using to conduct tests
  • Perform 5 error-free mock alcohol tests in the presence of a certified Instructor

ASD Proficiency Training

Unlike other companies, our DOT Screening Test Technician Training thoroughly covers the DOT Regulations (49 CFR Part 40), and proficiency training on one of these two saliva Alcohol Screening Devices (ASDs):

STT Training Using the QED saliva alcohol screening device
STT Training Using the QED saliva alcohol screening device

DOT Specimen Collector Training

Our DOT Specimen Collector Training for drug testing professionals is taught by instructors with more than 20-years of DOT drug and alcohol training experience. Not only are our instructors well versed in the federal regulations, they have 20-years of clinic experience conducting DOT drug tests.

BMP offers classroom and on-site DOT Specimen Collector Training.

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What You Can Expect

Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor Training Covers:

Day 1 – Students will become certified as Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT), a requirement to becoming a BAT Instructor, and will train to become certified as a Factory Certified Calibration Technician.
Day 2 – Students will learn effective teaching methods, an important first step to becoming BAT Instructors, and will also lead portions of the class by delivering assigned BAT course topics.

By the end of this course, students will demonstrate a sound knowledge of the testing instrument, a firm grasp of the DOT rules and regulations related to alcohol testing, and a comprehensive understanding of basic adult learning principles.

Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Bruen Medical Partners llc. Breath Alcohol Technician Training offers both “Procedural” training on 49 CFR Part 40, as well as instrument “Proficiency” training. We also train and certify our students as Factory Authorized Calibration Technicians, so you get a total training solution.

BMP offers classroom and on-site Breath Alcohol Technician Training.

Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor Training

Our Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor Training is one of the most thorough train-the-trainer courses available. BMP certifies you to perform breath alcohol tests and equips you with the information and resources needed to successfully train and certify your employees as Breath Alcohol Technicians.