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Phlebotomy Continuing Education

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Complete Your CE Phlebotomy Continuing Education Requirements Today

Bruen Medical Partners welcomes all California CPT I and CPT II phlebotomy technicians to the phlebotomy continuing education and renewal application instructions page. By reading all the information below phlebotomists can find out how to renew the phlebotomy license in California and what continuing education credits to obtain to get approved by the California Department of Public Health and Laboratory Field Services.

Bruen Medical Partners is one of the leaders in phlebotomy continuing education that offers the best phlebotomy driven phlebotomy continuing education course. The phlebotomy continuing education course is updated every three months to ensure the latest phlebotomy regulations are updated, and phlebotomist knowledge is up to date. This phlebotomy continuing education course includes six phlebotomy continuing education credits/hours approved by ASCLS P.A.C.E.®. The Laboratory Field Services requires California Phlebotomy Technicians to complete six contact hours of phlebotomy continuing education. Bruen Medical Partners' comprehensive phlebotomy continuing education course is an online self-paced, computer and mobile-friendly phlebotomy continuing education course on the go to learn when and where you want.


For phlebotomist that received the CPT I or CPT II phlebotomy license within the last two year period you will have to sign up for the PERL online application system and create an account. After completion of the phlebotomy continuing education course, we will email you step by step instructions on how to log in to your state E account. Once you set up the E account, the prompts will show you all the steps you need to complete to renew your phlebotomy license. Phlebotomists can also search the status of the phlebotomy license if you haven’t replaced and let your phlebotomy license expire. Completion of additional phlebotomy continuing education units might be required for expired phlebotomy licenses. New phlebotomy licenses or those in CPT phlebotomy renewal that are not listed in the system may be in updating status, so please check back with the state if you do not see an update every 48 hours.


For phlebotomist that have completed the State of California CPT I or CPT II phlebotomy renewal process before merely logging into your existing account for the phlebotomy PERL online application system and select your expiring license/certificate or the “Renew Licenses” button.


For phlebotomists that lost or misplaced their phlebotomy certification CDPH has a verification page.

California phlebotomy law mandates that all phlebotomists be licensed or certified by the Department of Public Health Laboratory Field Services Branch (LFS). Laboratory Field Services must approve phlebotomists to seek ANY phlebotomy related employment in California.


It is illegal to perform blood draws in the State of California without having a valid and active phlebotomy CPT I or CPT II license. For phlebotomy license renewals a sixty-day grace period is granted allowing the State of California and Department of Public Health Laboratory Field Services processing time. A phlebotomist can still draw blood and work during the grace period. Please note that the grace period is not granted to every phlebotomy technician.


Phlebotomy continuing education is of the utmost importance to health care providers and laboratory supervisors. NPCE believes that no organization should offer phlebotomy certifications without first offering continuing education in phlebotomy, which is why we offer this in conjunction with institutions requiring it. We concentrate strictly on phlebotomy and ask for institutions’ support in continuing education credits and unit development.

Some of the benefits of phlebotomy continuing education may include an increase in job opportunities, an increased pay scale, job security, and increased expertise in phlebotomy. Once you have completed and passed the online phlebotomy continuing education exam, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Phlebotomy Continuing Education Credits

The Bruen Medical Partners phlebotomy continuing education course is a comprehensive review of beginning to intermediate aspects of phlebotomy. The 50-question final exam covers all necessary categories of phlebotomy including anatomy, components of blood, equipment and supplies, blood drawing procedures, specimen identification, and venipuncture complications.

Bruen Medical Partners is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences. Accepted by all nationally recognized phlebotomy certification agencies. The Bruen Medical Partner's phlebotomy continuing education course is approved for 6 credits. With this course, you will be better equipped to take and pass the National Phlebotomy Certification Exam, and within less time than other programs may require. We make sure you only spend the amount of time you need in continuing education courses, helping you get a start on developing your career as efficiently as possible.

How long is the Bruen Medical Partners (CEU) Phlebotomy Continuing Education Course?

The Phlebotomy Continuing Education Course is done entirely online and takes from 3-9 hours to complete depending on the student.

How often do I need to complete the California Continuing Education Course?

The California Department of Public Health Requires California Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT I) or Certified Phlebotomy Technician II (CPT II) to complete 6 contact hours of continuing education provided by a Department-approved accrediting agency (PDF). Phlebotomy continuing education requirements must be completed every two years. Bruen Medical Partners and the State of California recommend you submit your phlebotomy continuing education form three months prior to the expiration on your California Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT I) or Certified Phlebotomy Technician II (CPT II) license.

Is the Bruen Medical Partners Phlebotomy Continuing Education Course California Approved?

Yes, Bruen Medical Partners' phlebotomy continuing education course is approved for 6 Credit Hours of continuing education credits. This is all you will need to complete in order to renew your CPT California phlebotomy license.

Will I receive a Phlebotomy Continuing Education Certificate upon completion?

You will be receiving a Digital Copy by email upon finishing the online Phlebotomy Continuing Education Course. It takes from 48-72 hours to receive the Phlebotomy Continuing Education Certificate. Please check your inbox and SPAM folder for a copy of the Phlebotomy Continuing Education Certificate and instructions on how to renew with LABORATORY FIELD SERVICES and the State of California.

How to renew with the State of California if your Phlebotomy License is expired?

Phlebotomists can still renew California Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT I)-Certified Phlebotomy Technician II (CPT II) license after the expiration date. You will still need to complete the phlebotomy continuing education course and submit all your documentation. A late fee may apply from the State of California in order to renew your Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT I)-Certified Phlebotomy Technician II (CPT II) license. Please call us at 888-240-8440 Ext 2 for any additional questions.

Does the State of California notify phlebotomist when its time to renew the phlebotomy license?

Typically the state will notify the phlebotomy technician anywhere from 60-90 days before the expiration date of their phlebotomy license. Keep in mind that if you moved or changed your email address the State of California will not be able to contact you thus you can see the status of your phlebotomy license by visiting the California Department of Public Health verification page.

How soon can I submit the phlebotomy continuing education certificate/credits to renew my CPT state license?

You can submit your phlebotomy continuing education course certificate up to 60 days before your CPT I or CPT II phlebotomy state license. NPCE will ensure that you fill out the phlebotomy certification renewal forms accurately to avoid any delay in the renewal of your California CPT phlebotomy license. Instructions will be provided by email after the completion of the online phlebotomy continuing education course.

Do I need to use a computer to renew my CPT phlebotomy license?

You can use computers, phones, and tablets to complete the CPT phlebotomy license renewal. You will have to submit all of NPCE phlebotomy continuing education units and course information.

​​Will the State of California notify me that my phlebotomy renewal application is approved?

Yes the State of California PERL, Laboratory Field Services will be sending you an email follow up, so it is essential that you can log in and change all your information to be accurate. The phlebotomist can print out a temporary proof of phlebotomy licensure until the phlebotomy CPT certification hard copy arrives by mail which can take 15-45 days.


A phlebotomist can contact the State of California Phlebotomy Renewal Division by email at or by telephone at 510-620-3800. 


The cost of the Nationally approved course is $69.00 which includes and made payable to the California Dept. Of Public Health:

  • 140 Page Phlebotomy Study Guide
  • 105 Question Practice Exam
  • 50  Question Final Exam
  • EKG Review
  • Record keeping
  • Certificate of Completion- Digital Copy
  • Renewal Instructions
  • Access to our Job Board
  • Free Resume Critique